Marbella property market for investors and buyers

Marbella real estate market has been always of keen interest among international investors and property buyers. Though somewhat affected by the global economy crisis, the current increase in inquiries and sales in Marbella properties shows its continued desirability among tourists, homebuyers and investors from all over the world.

The continuous demand for a property in Marbella is conditioned by the unique climate, facilities, lifestyle and status Marbella offers to its tourists and residents. And more than ever, Marbella is proving to be a highly diversified international property destination, since more and more foreign investors choose it as their summer home or as place of fulltime residence. Moreover, the attractiveness of Marbella real estate market for non-EU foreigners has boosted more so since the Spanish government approved new Entrepreneur Support Act which grants automatic Spanish residency to foreign investors for the acquisition of Spanish real estate, either residential or commercial one, with a net investment value of at least 500.000 euro per applicant. If you are looking to get Spanish residency, our company can help you do that in a most efficient way thanks to our team of professionals that have the fullest information on the residency legislation.

There has always been a variety of tastes and preferences for a property in Marbella. Fortunately, Marbella property market can offer a diversity of house types and residential areas for different buyers. But whatever property in Marbella people choose to buy, they know they buy the uniqueness of the Marbella brand which continues to be more and more popular around the whole world.